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Welcome to the ExhibitView Solutions, LLC tutorials page.

Click any blue button below to launch the Video of interest. You can scroll and watch any of the videos listed below:

ExhibitView Tutorials

  1. Getting Started with ExhibitView™
    • Watch this Quick Start Video to create new and open existing cases, add exhibits, present exhibits side by side or full screen, use the call-out tool, the highlight tool, as examples and more
    • ExhibitView™ Quick Start Video Demo
  2. Why ExhibitView?
    • Watch this “Why ExhibitView” video to hear the “top ten” reasons to consider ExhibitView™ for Trial Presentation
    • Why ExhibitView?

PDF+ Tutorials

  1. Getting Started with PDF+™
    • Watch this Quick Start Video and learn how to open a folder of exhibits and apply exhibit stickers, apply bates numbers, bar codes, search and redact, assemble and edit as examples and more
    • PDF+™ Quick Start Video Demo

TranscriptPro™ Tutorials

  1. Getting Started with TranscriptPro™
    • Watch this Quick Start Video and see how to create a case, add ascii, PDF, or Synchronized Video Depositions, create bookmarks/issues, create summaries, and more
    • TranscriptPro™ Quick Start Demo Video
  2. Creating Summaries/Digesting
  3. How To Synchronize
    • Learn how to Synchronize your own video depositions. You may even use High Definition Mp4 video files in TranscriptPro™
    • How To Synchronize