Below find a wonderful email to me, Bill Roach, from Attorney Michael Burman from Hopkinsville, KY on March 3, 2015


I want to share with you a recent trial success I attribute to Exhibit View. I have been using Exhibit View in mediation to gain proficiency, and so, when I go to trial, I am confident with Exhibit View. I recently tried a contentious dispute regarding insurance benefits. The evidence was highly technical and difficult to comprehend by a lay jury. Opposing counsel presented a “slick” PowerPoint during opening and closing. It was one of the better PowerPoint presentations I have ever seen. It completely confused the jury during the opening, which was the purpose. I suspect opposing counsel paid somewhere between $5000 and $10,000 for these PowerPoint presentations. Using Exhibit View, I prepared my slide presentation using my staff to help me make video clips. My opening kept me in the game and helped me focus the jury. Unlike opposing counsel, I was able to easily use video clips as I went through my slide presentation using a laptop, TV, projector and Kensington presenter with laser. I could easily move back and forth between slides with Exhibit View. During my closing, I used video clips to specifically contradict statements made by opposing counsel. I also used the Snap feature to quickly make images of callouts so that I could directly contradict opposing counsel in closing arguments regarding what the medical records did or did not say. This was highly effective. Had it not been for Exhibit View, I would have lost that case. My client needed those benefits. Thank you for supporting me with good advice and quick service.

Michael L. Burman, Attorney at Law
Licensed in TN & KY – State and Federal Courts