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Don’t have time to learn a new software? Don’t worry we will handle everything!

What we can help with:

  1. Synchronizing your video depositions
  2. Going to trial as your IT first Chair. Let us worry about your courtroom trial presentation
  3. Best Practices Consulting for Courtroom Trial Technology

Preparing for larger mediations or courtroom trials can be a daunting task. If the idea of “doing it yourself” is enticing but not reality; give us a call and let’s have a discussion on how we can help you.

With fast internet these days, transferring large volumes of exhibits is secure and fast. Organizing your exhibits, creating edited video depositions, working with your medical/artwork/animation providers and acquiring presentation ready files is what we do every day. Physical location for you and for us is truly minimized these days. We usually enjoy a pre-trial in-person meeting and then we arrive a day or two before trial.

Our rates are excellent. We know how to travel and work with you to keep our expenses to a minimum. In many cases, our rates beat the boutique companies who charge whatever the market will bear in their areas where competition is not an issue.

We have traveled through the US working for our clients. Many of our clients use ExhibitView for manageable cases, and then hire us for others. Please, give us a call and let’s have a conversation about your next case. A good working relationship and highly skilled technicians can bring an overwhelming sense of relief to you and your clients. We guarantee it!

Give us a call and let’s have a conversation about your next case.


You did a great job during our trial.

Roy Barnes, Former Governor of Georgia

They are the best in the business

Gino Brogden, Judge

I’ve used their trial services for years. Their service and their product are superior.

Trent Speckhals, Esq., Your Content Goes Here