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TranscriptPro™ is transcript software that supports PDF, ASCII, and Video Synchronized transcripts. Summarize and review, edit, export, bookmark, word search and more.  Try it today.


1. Organize. Set up a case(s) and add transcripts.

2. Search. Advanced search functionality to find words or phrases that are automatically saved in the search(s) tab. Export search results to a .csv file and import into other case management software.

3. Video Editing. Edit video depositions to create individual clips and/or export a series of clips (Q&A) as a complete edited video in the MP4 video format. High Definition Supported.

4. ISSUES. Set up color coded issues and use them as “bookmarks” to identify important testimony. Export a list of all your Bookmarks/Issues for further review.

5. COPY & PASTE. Select Q&A in a open transcript, video or non-video, and right click to copy that text and paste it in any word processor.

Price is $249.00 for a SUL (Single User License) 1 activation. Price includes 1 year of 24/7 support, 2 hours of online training (live) and updates and upgrades.

Buy TranscriptPro™ $249.00