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TranscriptPro™ is transcript software that supports PDF, ASCII, and Video Synchronized transcripts. Summarize and review, edit, export, bookmark, word search and more.  Try it today.


1. Organize. Set up a case(s) and add transcripts.

2. Search. Advanced search functionality to find words or phrases that are automatically saved in the search(s) tab. Export search results to a .csv file and import into other case management software.

3. Video Editing. Edit video depositions to create individual clips and/or export a series of clips (Q&A) as a complete edited video in the MP4 video format. High Definition Supported.

4. ISSUES. Set up color coded issues and use them as “bookmarks” to identify important testimony. Export a list of all your Bookmarks/Issues for further review.

5. Court Playback Feature. Set the new TranscriptPro to show the video on the extended screen only making courtroom playback clean, like Trial Presentation software offers. NEW for 2018

Price is $399.00 for a SUL (Single User License) 2 activation’s. Price includes 1 year of 24/7 support, 2 hours of online training (live) and updates and upgrades.

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