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Software Training

Each license for any of our products comes with 2 hours of free, one on one training. Each year you renew your software support, you gain an additional 2 hours of free training for a refresher or for new associates. We encourage taking advantage of our training in 1 hour blocks.

Additionally, ExhibitView Solutions, LLC periodically offers free online “best practices” training sessions. Make an impact in the courtroom. We choose the day, date and time and we typically send out an email or make a Facebook post a few days prior.

Paid Online Training

You can order a 3 hour block (used in 2 sessions) with a live trial technician. Our technicians are experts at technology best practices and using ExhibitView Solutions, LLC products. You pick the day, date and time and you can have every employee at your law firm take part. The cost is only $250.00 and we will record your sessions for you too.

Many of our clients have used the paid training route to prepare for the courtroom or mediation. We will guarantee you will find the 3 hour paid training a valuable tool that will sufficiently prepare you for your next presentation. We cover everything from exhibit organization and numbering, sub folder creations, pre-markup and annotations, slide creations for opening/closing or mediation, and projector/TV connections.