Ready, Set, Go All New for Windows 10

William V. Roach, Founder

We have been busy building our products to work great with Windows 10. There are many user workflow enhancements and performance improvements across our product line. One notable upgrade is the ability to create High Definition Synchronized Depositions (TranscriptPro) and playback with incredible clarity in all of our products.

Here is a short list of upgrades in the product line. ExhibitView (EXV7), TranscriptPro 3 (TP3) and PDF+:

  • High Definition video playback & editing, -EXV7
  • High Definition Synchronized Deposition Video Creation -TP3
  • Audio and Video Segment bookmarking -EXV7
  • Batch Renaming, Bar Coding, Apply Exhibit Stickers, Redaction -PDF+
  • Hot Keys for moving through exhibits quickly without the mouse -EXV7
  • Expanded reading panes for transcripts and documents -PDF+ & TP3
  • Create deposition designations, print report or save as PDF -TP3 & EXV7
  • While independent from each other; common sense product integrations among all products
  • Color Code Issues/Bookmarks -TP3
  • Exhibit Sticker Library -PDF+
  • Familiar Ribbon Style User Interface among all products
  • 2 hours free one on one training with any purchase
  • Money Back Guarantee. Go ahead and buy with confidence

What’s Awesome?

Awesome is that you can use any of our products stand alone. Most of our customers need either a Q&A session or a short one on one live training session that’s included with your purchase. How can you possibly know how to use all the features? You can’t, but that’s why we are #1 in customer service. Just ask for references and you’ll see firsthand that ExhibitView Solutions, LLC training and support is unmatched in the legal community.

Who’s Using These Products Generally?

District Attorneys, Defense Lawyers, Plaintiff Lawyers who want to fight the deep pocket defense firms, Rich Plaintiff Lawyers, Poor Plaintiff Lawyers. WHY? Because hiring IT can cost up to 1200.00 a day in court. Most of the time they are only showing documents. That’s nice work if you can get it but we can teach a fourth grader to use any of our products.

Can I Really Learn Any Of These Products? I Don’t Want Problems?

Yes you can really learn these products. Most attorneys just don’t want to learn something new. You don’t realize that this is actually really fun and helps you focus on the most important exhibits. Your reading this so the leap has begun. You can save money for your clients or give yourself the upper hand. The Trial Advocacy Director at UGA says “There is fast coming the day attorneys need to show up, plug in and make a visual presentation as a routine”. We’ll be there for you every step of the way, Let us prove it to you!