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PDF+ is a legal industry specific product made for lawyers and staff. Built with the most often used features needed in a law firm. One license is good for 10 users in your offer. This offer is so good you should purchase now before we change our minds!



  • PDF+ has minimal learning curve
  • PDF+ will also work with image exhibits too!
  • Legal Specific Product. Save money on other PDF software subscriptions
  • Prep documents for deposition, trial, mediation in seconds

Reviews & Quotes

“Regarding feedback about PDF+, let me put it this way: Adobe Acrobat Pro just became obsolete. Everything I did using Adobe can now be done using PDF+, and PDF+ is so much easier to use!” -Christopher T. Van Marter, Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney

PDF+™ only $89.99 >10 USERS, PER YEAR
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