Michael Burman, Esq. of Kentucky just called me. I wanted to share his excitement before he actually sends me a testimonial. You see, he took advantage of a few small features in ExhibitView and it was mind blowing to me.

First, in closing, the other side made claims about “Why didn’t you hear from this witness? Why didn’t they call him?” Well, Mr. Burman had ExhibitView out and was creating slides of medical records from the Doc who they said did not testify. However, he used a cool new feature called “snap” to create a callout with highlights as an image file. This allowed Mike to pop that in a slide and then get to his closing argument. Mike said “Ladies and Gentleman, let’s look at the Doctors own records and what he is saying in these records” so, the jury got to hear from the Good Doctor and Mike won BIG!

I will be posting Mr. Michael Burman’s review of his in curt experience in the very near future.

The moral of the story is….Don’t wait to embrace this technology. You have to use it anywhere you can to use it effectively when the time comes! -Bill Roach, Partner, ExhibitView Solutions, LLC March 2015