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ExhibitView™ iPad 7 for Presentations

NEW! ExhibitView™7 iPad builds on all previous releases with more features and a continued easy to use interface.

Intuitive features, easy file management, and unlimited email and phone support ensure your success with ExhibitView™ 7 iPad!

  • iOS 10 Ready!
  • Retina Graphics for iPad 3 & above
  • More attractive color scheme inside app
  • Maximized document real estate area
  • Collapsing library with last item shown memory
  • More Printing Options
  • Import files via iTunes
  • Free Drawing Made Smoother
  • Add items directly to project sub-folders
  • Print Index Improved
  • Minor improvements and fixes

ExhibitView™ iPad 7 integrated with our PC brand!

  • Using our PC Brand of ExhibitView, you can build a case easily on your desktop PC and easily “save-as iPad” directly to Dropbox. We offer free training on how to use all of our products.

Reviews & Quotes

  • “If you are looking for an easy to use, powerful presentation tool for courtroom trial presentations, or even in the conference room or boardroom, ExhibitView for the iPad is a very impressive solution. “
  • “I have been using PC ExhibitView since last fall. I just downloaded ExhibitView for Ipad. Great app”
ExhibitView iPad™ 7 IN ITUNES $79.99