Display Resolutions & ExhibitView 7

The recent BETA release of ExhibitView 7 has been great. We have received a number of “extremely positive” comments on the new look and feel of the UI and a few comments regarding the best display resolution, especially on Windows SurfacePro 3 & 4 tablets.

Attorney Tom Stubbs, Decatur, Ga, contacted me and since his office was so close, I got in the car and paid Tom a visit. What did we learn? We learned to keep our text sizes at 100% and display resolutions at about 1440×900 for a good experience.


Most of the Microsoft Surface tablets {and many others} have amazingly high display resolutions available to the user. People must understand that very high display resolutions means more pixels, more pixels means everything on the screen appears smaller. Much smaller. One solution Microsoft offers in Windows is a “text size” zoom. This is a setting in Display Properties and I have seen this default setting at both 150% and 200% of current size. So, basic math tells you that at those zoom levels, the items, text, menus, and pictures are being shown to you at double their normal size. If there was no zoom feature like this, you would not enjoy having high resolution displays because everything would be too small and then you would have to manually adjust resolutions.

Further, Microsoft has employed another method to help software developers like us, ExhibitView Solutions, LLC, to assist us and make our software look great on those displays. This is called DPI-Aware applications. If you follow this link, you can read all about it here. Microsoft is also worried and wants developers to have a consistent look and size when customers buy these high resolution devices.

The goal of this news is to inform you about a subject you will very likely face in the age of Super High Resolution Displays.