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6 Critical Questions Answered In 60 Seconds About Using ExhibitView In Court!

  1. Who Uses ExhibitView?
  2. Are You Using Courtroom Technology?
  3. What Was Your Technology Approach In Court?
  4. What Did Jurors Say About Your Last Trial?
  5. How Did ExhibitView Help You Win Your Most Recent Trial?
  6. What Does ExhibitView Offer Your Practice Now?

ExhibitView Blogs

  • Why You Should Not Mingle With Opposing Counsel In Court

    I just finished a trial and one of the things I noticed was Plaintiff and Defense counsel laughing and co-mingling in front of the jury. This to me is a bit “yucky” because in my humble opinion it compromises your integrity. Now, I will say, the worst offender was the Plaintiff. I felt it was [...]

  • Jurors Want Technology So Give It To Them!

    This video shows how imortant proper use of technology assists jurors in trial. The key here is to use the technology appropriately. The attorney will see after watching this video how important technology is to exhibit retention among other things. The fears are real. We have a college program and offer ExhibitView for free. I [...]

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