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ExhibitView Solutions, LLC is the premiere name in user friendly Exhibit Preparation and Trial Presentation. For attorneys who want to give their clients the very best chance to prevail; taking the time to learn and employ the industries best tools is no more idealistic than a guitar player using the best sounding guitar to record their music with. Attorneys are like musicians, they all have a great story to tell!

Trial Presenter

 Trial Presentation Software.
Load exhibits & present. 30 minutes to learn.
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Summaries, issue coding, and dirt easy video deposition editing.
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Trial Presentation for iPad.
Great for Paperless Depositions.

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Like Adobe™ but focused for Attorneys. Exhibit prep with stickers, bates, redaction & much more.

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Case for Trial Presentation


You are changing the way I try cases. Used Exhibit View in focus group yesterday… put slideshow presentation together in 30 minutes!

Michael L. Burman, Attorney at Law Licensed in TN & KY – State and Federal Courts

“ …we used Exhibit View at Trial, played that video deposition with our edits or omissions if you will. Everything worked out GREAT. Got another one coming up December 17th. We’ll use it again. ”

Sherri Selby, Paralegal – Hoffspiegel & Associates

“ I purchased ExhibitView in March and used it in trial in federal court right after I bought it. Lots of exhibits (I think we had 72), most of which were displayed at some point during trial. ExhibitView was terrific. Very easy to use.

Chip Cooper, Cooper & Elliott